Solar energy and small-scale wind power take over the world

The main reason for the major change in power generation is probably not due to climate agreement, future national policies or potential turbulence in current fuel prices. Change, in fact, will be reduced to the most powerful word; “money” and its intention to multiply it in a forceful way based on economic benefits that the fossil fuel will not be able to generate.


The world is going to invest many millions in the capacity of power generation in the next 25 years. The majority - two-thirds to be exact - will be devoted to renewable energies such as wind and solar thanks to the steady fall in costs. Swanson's law makes solar panels cheaper and cheaper, the accumulators also improve their performance and the development of new materials such as solar shingles and a long etc... lead us to increasingly efficient and less intrusive models.


What is the point of continuing to oppose, in principle, a distributed generation / self-consumption that is becoming increasingly clear as the future of energy?


Just a more efficient Mini Wind Turbine, technologically simple and above all economic... with the union of all the technologies described in the same element, we will reach our "Power Tower".

The independance is near

Our Philosophy

At ECOMIX ENERGY we have a very clear philosophy: only through the systems of real and constant innovation of renewable energies can become accessible to the general public. We believe in simple solutions, ecological, economic and hybrid systems that will meet the energy needs.

Change can be difficult, making it as simple as possible is our goal. Join a small group of professionals who will enable the world to enjoy substantial improvements in their quality of life.

  • I never believed that we could transform the world, but every day things can be transformed.

    Françoise Giroud ― French writer


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imgMini wind (upper part hybrid powe tower)

imgMini wind (new doublé system)

imgSolar system (below part of hybrid tower)

A new generation


ECOMIX ENERGY seeks a professional with investment capacity and extensive experience in electricity & electronic control, for the development of a unique project worldwide. For more information and details, please contact us.